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Anabolics are harmful – this is an axiom. We are not going to argue that. Just want to hear a clear answer to the question: why?

At best, what we have heard is a vague explanation of “harm to the liver.” But after all steroids treat liver diseases! It’s all about the dosage. Can you name at least one, even the safest medicine, overdose of which would not be harmful? Alas, such a miracle does not exist in nature..

Why so little is said about the benefits of steroids? After all, there are many of them: rejuvenation of the body, burning of fat, restoration of liver cells, strengthening of the heart, blood vessels, and bone tissue.

The use of steroids, helps fight obesity, age-related changes, heart attack, osteoporosis, etc. The use of steroids dramatically improves the quality of life, making a person more active physically, mentally and sexually.

About the benefits of steroids, says in his TV shows Elena Malysheva on ORT (TV program “Hormone therapy”). However, stressing that the course of admission should be under the supervision of a doctor. Agreed. However, you should know that this “observation” will consist in a blood test for testosterone levels, and other indicators. Exactly the same tests, can take any of us, in any clinic, without any “observation” from the outside.

A note in the newspaper “MK Latvia” (№41 9.10.2008):
“Why does a man need testosterone?”
“How much of this hormone is needed to live happily ever after”

Стероиды и допинг

Look at Sylvester Stallone in the Rambo 5 movie. What a magnificent physical form he is! But the famous artist 63 years old. Is there really anyone who would not want to be in such a form, at such an adult age?

So, Sylvester Stallone, openly admits that he regularly uses steroids all his adult life and advises everyone to do the same. His call: “steroids should be sold freely at any pharmacy.”

Another popular horror story: taking steroids leads to impotence. Complete nonsense!

Although, theoretically, regular long-term testosterone intake, without interruption, can completely “kill” its own production. But in practice, these idiots are hard to meet.

But the reception of “courses”, followed by a break for recovery, on the contrary, trains and increases its own production of hormones. Because it (production), training in exactly the same way as muscles. The thing is only in the dosage and duration of courses.

What is the medical dosage of steroids? In medication guide, for example, to the popular methandrostenolone, it is listed as 10 tablets per day, for 3 months. After that, you need to take a break for a couple of months.

What is the most common cause of death in the World? Taking steroids? Nonsense! In the first place, is death from heart disease. And taking steroids, on the contrary, strengthens the heart (because it is also a muscle) and myocardium. Allowing people to live longer and better..

Understand us correctly, we do not justify the use of steroids. But also unreasonably we don’t abuse them. Let everyone decide for himself. Just tired of listening to silly and often totally unsubstantiated horror stories for fools.

By the way, in many European countries, androgens and anabolics are sold freely. In Poland – “Omnadren” in Serbia – “Agovirin” in Romania – “Naposim”. In Ukraine, you can easily buy testosterone propionate in the free sale in the Central pharmacy of Kiev:

Стероиды и допинг