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The only Fitness Training Centre in Latgale from the Latvian Ministry of Education. The term of study is 4 months, price – only 600 €. You can join the training on any day. Fitness Training Centre constantly organizes a student training programs.

Theoretical studies location: st. Mikhoelsa 47, Daugavpils, Latvia
Practice location: st. Rigas 22A, Daugavpils, Latvia

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Photo reports from the WFF World Championships, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Power Athletics

of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting in Latvia

бодибилдинг, культуризм и фитнес в ЛатвииThe first bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions in Latvia were held in 1981 in Daugavpils. October 31 in the Palace of Culture gym hosted the first Latvian championship in powerlifting (power triathlon).
And the next day, November 1, on the stage of the theater of the same Palace of Culture, was the first championship of Latvia in bodybuilding.
The organizers of the first competition were Grigory Kutsin and Oleg Burinsky.

Since this year, in Latvia began to regularly take place championships, in these two areas of power athletics.
The same year, 1981, can be considered the beginning of the formation of the Latvian Federation of bodybuilding, officially registered in 1997 (previously it was impossible to do) as Latvijas atletisma un kulturisma federacija.
Since the official recognition of the Federation, it was headed by Oleg Burinsky.

In the same year, 1997, our Latvian Federation officially joined the international NABBA(NABBA/WFF).

This year, our athletes began to participate in international Championships: Europe, the World and the Universe.
There were Latvian stars of bodybuilding: the first champion of Europe, World and Universe WFF/NABBA was Marina Burinska.
Aivar Vysotskis (Riga), became the champion of NABBA Universe among veterans.
The first WFF/NABBA Universe champion among men was Dmitry Romanov (“Fitness center”) in 2013 at the competitions in Greece.
In 2016, Vlad Labudz (“Fitness center”) became the absolute champion WFF/NABBA Universe (USA, Orlando).

In 2001, we hold the first contest in Latvia “Miss Bikini“, which is won by Anastasia Morozova (“Fitness center“).
Miss Bikini” becomes our annual competition. Since 2014, we have brought it into a separate category of the championship of Latvia. Since this year, our “Miss Bikini ” has become known all over the World and a similar category was introduced in almost all international federations.

In 2004, our federation organizes a new category of female, non-sports fitness, which we call the “fitness model“. The winner of the first championship of Latvia in the category “fitness model”, becomes Olga Marachkovskaya (“Fitness Center“).
In the same year, 2004, we first include “fitness model” in the program of the European championship, which was held in Riga. Champion to become Rita Elksnina (“Fitness center”).
Our idea was a great success and the category “fitness model” began to include in their competition almost all federations around the World.

In 2004, the first professional appeared in Latvia – Marina Burinska (“Fitness center“). Unfortunately, in the same year she left competitive bodybuilding, becoming the absolute world champion and Vice-champion at World Pro.
In 2016, we had the first male professionals. First, Dmitry Romanov (all-European champion 2016) and, in a few weeks, Vlad Labudz (all-world champion of the Universe 2016).
Having lost their amateur status and having gone to the professionals, Dmitry Romanov and Vlad Labudz begin to regularly participate in pro-tournaments, earning cash prizes.

Our Job is

Oleg Burinsky Fitness Center, is the first gym in Latvia, proclaimed in 1997, the idea of developing fitness in our country.

It was here that the backbone of the Latvian national team was created, which represented our country in European and world championships.

Since 1998, we are in the House of Unity (Center of Latvian Culture)Latvia, Daugavpils, st. Rigas 22a

Open daily from 7 am to 9 pm (weekends from 10 am to 3 pm)

tel: +371 26823143, e-mail – wff@inbox.lv