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Fitness Model

fitness model

Winners of “Miss Fitness Model Latvia” contests

2017 – Malina Daria
2016 – Rezaeva Anastasia
2015 – Veveritsa Aurika
2014 – Volodina Victoria
2013 – Chivcha Inara
2012 – Leonieva Arina
2011 – Stacevich Carolina
2010 – Stacevich Carolina
2009 – Drizlyonok Victoria
2008 – Savich Julia
2007 – Khorovets Ekaterina
2006 – Elksnina Rita
2005 – Marachkovskaya Olga


Miss Fitness Model Latvia 2014 was held on May 17. The competition was attended by 24 fitness models.


The winner was Victoria Volodina

Victoria Volodina and Oleg Burinsky


Miss Fitness Model Latvia 2012 – Arina Leonieva (Daugavpils, “Fitness Center“)

Photo report here

Arina - Miss Fitness Model Latvia 2012


Miss Fitness Model Latvia 2011 – Caroline Stacevich (Daugavpils, “Fitness-center“).

Photo report here


Rita Elksnina (Daugavpils, “Fitness-center“) – Miss Fitness Model World 2009, at contest in Prague, Czech Republic:

Miss Fitness Model World. Prague. Rita Elksnina


The category of the model fitness competition “Miss Fitness Model”, was invented by Oleg Burinsky and was shown for the first time at the Latvian Championship in Daugavpils, and then at the European Championship in Riga and around the world.

The winner of the very first contest “Miss Fitness Model” was Olga Marachkovskaya (Daugavpils, “Fitness-center“).

In the international arena the model fitness was presented for the first time at the 2004 WFF European Championship in Riga. The winner was Rita Elksnina (Daugavpils, “Fitness-center“).

In the following years, following the example of Latvia, “Miss Fitness Model” contests were held in many European and World countries.



If we take any kind of sport and look at it from different angles, we will definitely find some disadvantages in addition to the positive aspects. They are different in each sport, but they must be present.

Well, I tried to analyze the disadvantages of model fitness, and I couldn’t find them. That is, I did not find them at all!

Think about it: fitness model is beautiful, slim, healthy (a sick person can not be beautiful). She leads a healthy lifestyle, does not have a strict link to the schedule of training (missed training, nothing the next time you give a little more load), to nutrition (eating: the next day a hungry girl), to pharmacology. Her trainings are not traumatic, not physically and morally exhausting.

The beauty and slimness of the body give a lot of bonuses in life. People subconsciously and instinctively reach for beauty. And this means a wide range of communication and friendly attitude. It means that there are many more opportunities for career growth (any employer will promote a beautiful and healthy employee under the same conditions). After all, this is the face of the company), job search (first of all, will hire those who like it outwardly), creating a quality family, etc.

Model fitness is ideal for women, and it fits beautifully and harmoniously into our lives. Fitness model lives, fully enjoying life, getting all kinds of bonuses from it.


Rita Elksnina, on the cover of the new issue of Austrian FitnessNEWS magazine::

Rita Elksnina - fitness model

The competition of a slim and elegant body – Miss Fitness Model, was invented and included in the competition in fitness by Oleg Burinsky in 2004 (at the championship of Latvia in Daugavpils, the winner was Olga Marachkovskaya, Daugavpils, “Fitness Center”), being a kind of antipode of muscular categories of women’s fitness and bodybuilding.

At the European Championship 2004 (which took place in Riga), the category “fitness model” was presented to the international public (the champion was Rita Elksnina, Daugavpils, “Fitness Center”) and from that moment began the winning procession of the category “Miss Fitness Model” in many countries of the world.

Why, the Latvian Sport Federation of Bodybuilding, organises various beauty contests (e.g. Miss Bikini, Miss Fitness Model)? How do they relate to sports? We are often asked this question, directly or indirectly.

Do you remember how earlier the first bodybuilders’ competitions were called? After all, these were: THE BEAUTY COMPETITIONS OF ATHLETIC BODYBUILDING.

So we are not inventing a bicycle here, but only remaining true to the historical tradition: true bodybuilding and beauty are inextricably linked to each other. Modern bodybuilding championships appeared directly from the beauty contests “Miss Bikini”. In fact, modern bodybuilding itself is a competition in its essence.

Therefore, both in the concisely built fitness system and in the “tricked-out” bodybuilder, beauty and aesthetics should dominate in its appearance.

It was by these canons that our sport lived at the time, which we still proudly call the “golden age of bodybuilding”.

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