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Amber Prize

Absolute champions of the “Amber Prix 2015” (October 17, Daugavpils) were: Dunay Alyona (Daugavpils) and Paulius Yasukaitis (Panevezys)

Amber Prix 2015


Amber Prix 2014” was held on October 19 in Daugavpils (Latvia).

The absolute champions were: Romanov Dmitry (Daugavpils) and Savkina Gabriella (Riga).

Amber Prize 2014


Amber prize 2013” was held on October 27 in Daugavpils (Latvia).

Vlad Labudz (Latvia, Daugavpils) and Kristina Belverte (Latvia, Baldone) became absolute champions.

Amber prize - bodybuilding and fitness

The 44th Amber Prize 2011, was held on June 4 in Kaunas. Photo report here

Amber Prize is one of the oldest bodybuilding tournaments in the world (only NABBA University has a longer history). To be more precise: the whole history of bodybuilding in the former USSR countries is connected with the legendary Amber Prix tournament.

It has been held since 1968.

The significance of the Amber Prix tournament in the history of our region’s bodybuilding cannot be overestimated. Perhaps I agree that now we can look for more commercially promoted tournaments held by numerous bodybuilding and fitness organizations. But, after centuries, the whole history of our bodybuilding will begin with only one phrase: The first “Amber Prix” tournament was held in 1968.

bodybuilding history

Latvian athletes have been performing at Amber Prize since 1976. But it was only in 2000 that our Country was able to climb to the top of the podium. Marina Burinska became the absolute champion of the Amber Prix 2000:


Amber Prize - Bodybuilding and Fitness


More information about the Amber Prize here Fresh news – on the last page.


Absolute Champions of the Amber Prize:

2015 Jasukaitis Paulius (Lithuania)
2014 Romanov Dmitry (Latvia)
2013 Labudz Vladislav (Latvia)
2011 Daubaras Thomas (Lithuania)
2010 Dharminder Singh (India)
2009 Shchyogolev Alexander (Russia)
2008 Buksnaitys Darius (Lithuania)
2007 Shevtsov Alexander (Estonia)
2006 Lyubomirov Alexander (Latvia)
2005 Sergeyev Ivan (Russia)
2004 Maslovsky Alexander (Latvia)
2003 Visotskis Aivars (Latvia)
2002 Manafov Radik (Lithuania)
2001 Maslovsky Alexander (Latvia)
2000 Manafov Radik (Lithuania)
1999 Buksnaitys Darius (Lithuania)
1998 Girskas Richardas (Lithuania)
1997 Pocius Rolandas (Lithuania)
1996 Kilcauskas Algirdas (Lithuania)
1995 Ogorodnikov Sergey (Russia)
1991 Zhuras Oleg (Lithuania)
1990 Zhuras Oleg (Lithuania)
1989 Yucis Viktoras (Lithuania)
1988 Yucis Viktoras (Lithuania)
1987 Yucis Viktoras (Lithuania)
1986 Buchinskas Rolandas (Lithuania)
1985 Ivanauskas Algirdas (Lithuania)
1984 Dubickas Vinsas (Lithuania)
1983 Dubickas Vinsas (Lithuania)
1982 Gorelik Evgeny (Lithuania)
1981 Misyavichyus Saulyus (Lithuania)
1980 Kapcievichus Vladas (Lithuania)
1979 Annus Olef (Estonia)
1978 Annus Olef (Estonia)
1977 Tsukanovas Stasas (Lithuania)
1970 Vladimir Dubinin (Russia)
1969 Mineykis Antanas (Lithuania)
1968 Pivoryunas Leonas (Lithuania)

2015 Dunay Alyona (Latvia)
2014 Savkina Gabriella (Latvia)
2013 Belverte Kristine (Latvia)
2011 Jovaishene Edita (Lithuania)
2010 Luchina Maria (Russia)
2009 Isidorova Alina (Latvia)
2008 Toledo Jamila (Argentina)
2007 Frankel Elena (Israel)
2006 Miliriyte Yodanta (Lithuania)
2005 Yakovleva Olga (Russia)
2004 Borisova Svetlana (Russia)
2003 Pugacheva Svetlana (Russia)
2002 Degutene Lilia (Lithuania)
2001 Glagoleva Victoria (Russia)
2000 Burinska Marina (Latvia)
1999 Misiavichiene Simona (Lithuania)
1998 Misiavichiene Simona (Lithuania)
1997 Misiavichiene Simona (Lithuania)
1996 Kaminskaite Idalia (Lithuania)
1995 Kovalko Tatiana (Belarus)
1991 Murnikovene Natalia (Lithuania)
1990 Murnikovene Natalia (Lithuania)


The woman's amber prize