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Federation of Athleticism and Bodybuilding of Latvia

Bodybuilding Federation (bodybuilding, fitness) of Latvia

The federation of athleticism and bodybuilding of Latvia began its regular work in 1981, beginning to hold the annual Latvian championships in athleticism and classic bench press.

Officially registered by Oleg Burinsky in 1997.

The federation holds regular championships and regularly participates in the European, World, Universe championships in bodybuilding and fitness.

Holds (since 1981), the championships and the cup of Latvia for classical bench press.

The Federation holds annual international coaching seminars with the issuance of coaching certificates of the official training coaching center “Sport”.

Collects exhibits, information and materials on the history of bodybuilding for the museum of the history of power athletics.

Holds various shows and beauty and fitness contests.

Barbell bench press


2004 Daugavpils. Awarding ceremony for the best athletes of Latvia in bodybuilding, fitness and powerlifting.

Awarding Ceremony - Best Athlete of Latvia

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